A Total Supply of #ONE -An Unlimited Source of Use

There are a lot of investors spread among the alts. In a small crypto community of 25,000 members, how many of them might be talented?

Do they have a way to connect? And if they did, what would happen? In a standard project, this isn’t even a thought. Investors aren’t there to connect with each other, instead they are there to see what the devs have to offer.

What if a community were given a token of their own, to combine their talents and evolve the token themselves?

We’re finding the answers to these questions on a grand scale.

You might think that a traditional dev team might get burned out over the course of 15 years, it could go either way, really. In the #ONE Token community, there is only one way. A growing community will consistently and constantly refresh itself with an unlimited supply of driven, and skilled individuals, all eager to progress #ONE Token. As the #ONE Token population grows, so too will the number of ideas you have.

Even in our small community of 1,100 members, ideas have already been discussed pertaining to some of the ways that #ONE Token could be used.

For example: A fork of Pancake could be created, with a way to stake your #ONE Token in an LP with BNB or BUSD for rewards. Further, we could establish a way to use those rewards for NFTs or other goodies.

This is just one example of the many paths that #ONE Token could take — and there are many uses that could be implemented into the world of #ONE at the same time — even being used as a central hub for other projects to work around.

The community — it’s obviously the strongest aspect of any cryptocurrency. There is no life without them. In #ONE token, that realization is taken and molded into a new revolution in social collaboration.

As this project grows, a separate Telegram group for our talented members will become necessary. We’ll call this the SkillzHub. There, our collective skills would be coordinated to continue the growth and development of this precious gem. But it doesn’t stop there.

As the member count in the SkillzHub grows, sub-channels will have to be created and pinned that are dependent on your particular expertise, such as marketing, website or graphic design, cryptocurrency developers, bloggers and influencers, media outreach, etc. There are many different skill sets out there that could be used in the cryptospace.

After more growth, and after the sub-channels have been created, the SkillzHub would act as a basic central hub for our skilled members to join, find their groups, and aid in further development.

The community is what makes this token. And that is what makes this token successful.

Every month, there will be a 15-day paid advertising campaign to help grow the #ONEtoken community, on top of other community funded advertising. As our community grows, the outreach grows too; that’s because this token is subject to the “snowball effect.” The bigger the community gets, the faster it grows.

More about #ONE:

  • 2% of every sell is taken and redistributed among all HOLDrs immediately
  • Dev share is 5%
  • Executed renounce ownership() function and Locked/Burned 100% of Liquidity/LP tokens
  • Community is spearheading the development and evolution of this gem
  • Double Audited by WarOnRugs and BSC Street Bets
  • The price of #ONE matches the market cap

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It was just a thought. What would happen if a Token were seized by the community? We found out — they too would become ONE. - 1 total supply.